He’s so ambitious, multitalented, honestly he’s handsome too,
Have a great voice,
Wild thinker

But we’ll separated

You and i cant be the one
Because we dont have a same vision


enjoy your life,

everybody always hear that shit, and this word easy to spell, right?

but did you ever really2 enjoy your life?

did you ever think about this shit?


i tell you something

i always enjoy with myself, in every condition, 


i think, i recently doing that shit now. why?

when i was working so hard for 6 years to catch mydream, then i feel tired and i just choose to be relaxed!!!

when i started to stop all my obsession, i feel free.

you know, it doesnt mean you didint doing anything,

just stop working hard. take your breath, feel the air, make the plan, and relaxed. 

and of course you need to think, how to figure it out so easy


Not living in fear is a great gift, because certainly these days we do it so much. And do you know what I like about comedy? You can’t laugh and be afraid at the same time—of anything. If you’re laughing, I defy you to be afraid.